Patrol Vessel – SAR Vessel
Class: DNV 1A1 HSLC R3 Patrol

This former USCG 47-foot design combines many technological innovations. Its lightweight, aluminium hull is developed to ‘Ocean’ conditions; wind force exceeding 8 Beaufort and breaking waves up to 9 meters. Transiting up to 26 knots, it provides significant short response time in threatening situations.

When pitch-polled or rolled into swells, the vessel will self-right with all machinery remaining fully operational.

Advanced ergonomics have been integrated in the design such as the seats with its lumbar support outfitted with 2-point belts, user friendly electronics are within reach of the operator and navigator. The fly-by-wire navigation and control systems offer exceptionally responsive maneuvering.

The survivor’s compartment, designed for attendance to injured persons, also makes use of harnesses to promote passenger safety.

All around the hull safety fittings have been mounted to allow the rescuers to remain safely.

Due to its concept and way of construction, this extremely strong vessel will secure its operation on the spot for the next 20 years.

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