After more than 60 years of existence of Metallwerk Elisenhuette GmbH in Nassau (MEN) it owes its vitality particularly to the customers, whom it has been able to supply for decades and to those who it has been able to acquire in the past few years. Moreover, the membership in the CBC Global Ammunition Group, is a very important milestone in this development. An owner who has supported, challenged and promoted MEN with much commitment, vision, and a willingness to take risks is an extraordinary stroke of luck for our company. And not lastly the motivated employees, long-term and new, ensure the capability of this company.

Production at MEN began in 1958. From the very beginning, MEN produced ammunitions not only for the German Armed Forces and Police but also for the NATO partners.

Today the range of MEN cartridges includes the calibers 9mm x19, 5.56mm x 45 (.223 Rem.), 7.62mm x 51 (.308Win.), 7.62mm x 67 (.300 Win Mag.), 8.60mm x 70 (.338 Lapua Mag.) and 12.7mm x 99 (.50 BMG). Since 2019 also the .300 AAC Blackout is part of our product range.

The calibres are broken down into three product lines: MilitaryLine, PoliceLine and SniperLine.

LFI – Lead-free Indoor

The current situation of the operational forces had changed. Because of that training must be adapted and expanded in order to ensure that missions go smoothly.
The resulting requirements to the training ammunition include a lead-free bullet to protect the users’ health as well as a minimised wear on the shooting range materials. The solution from MEN is called LFI – Lead-free Indoor. The cartridge is available in 5,56 mm x 45 and 7,62 mm x 51. The advantages are the protection of the rebound material of the shooting range, the almost identical point of impact to the service ammunition as well as being lead-free and low-emission.

.300 AAC Blackout

Special units have long been looking for an effective caliber for use at close range. Particularly in deployment scenarios in urban terrain, short and easy-to-handle weapons ensure greater flexibility and mobility for the operational forces. Due to the compact design and the associated short barrels, however, velocity and thus muzzle energy are also reduced. This in turn means a loss of target energy and increases the risk of over-penetration from projectiles that do not deform correctly. 

Here the caliber .300 AAC Blackout can unfold its full potential and close the gap:

1. Higher energy yield with very short barrels, especially for medium-range weapons.
2. Reliable function in the supersonic and subsonic range.

At the moment we offer two types of bullet.

The LFI (Lead-free Indoor) is a lead-free and low-emission training cartridge. The bullet structure made of copper, tin and zinc reduces emissions to a minimum, which means that – even at higher training intervals in indoor shooting ranges – the loading is significantly lower.

The proven full metal jacket prevents deformation of the training projectiles, which also protects the rebound materials of the shooting ranges and minimises wear.

The second variant the VMWK consists of a full-jacketed soft-core bullet that can be used reliably in both training and service. The projectile contains lead, steel, tin and copper. The main focus here is on good precision and the reduction of pollutants.

MEN – we serve your mission with our high-quality products made in Germany.