Since its first delivery in 2016, CTA International (CTAI) has delivered in excess of 160 weapon systems; the majority are for the UK Ajax and Warrior military vehicles, and some are being delivered to Nexter Systems for Jaguar engin blindé de reconnaissance et de combat (reconnaissance and combat armoured vehicles). More than 100,000 rounds of all ammunition types have been delivered to support vehicle programmes from two licensed ammunition production facilities in the UK and France.

The 40mm Cased Telescoped Armament System (40 CTAS) provides a step change in capability, allowing the armed forces to respond to a changing environment with ongoing and emerging threats. The compact design of the 40 CT cannon provides more space in the turret, and increased crew protection and workspace, while reducing turret weight and achieving high-elevation angles. The small footprint of the 40 CT cannon ensures easy turret integration, and provides significant commonality across platforms, which reduces overall training, operational and maintenance costs.

The 40 CTAS can also incorporate multiple types of ammunition within the same handling system, and gives end users the capability to quickly engage a multitude of threats. It has a complete suite of ammunition, including training, armour piercing, point detonating and airburst for strategic engagements.

The 40 CTAS is optimised for performance and cost over conventional systems. The 40mm cased telescoped ammunition – which is the first of its kind in the world – delivers up to four times the power of the 30mm round it replaces, allowing the user to substantially reduce the required number of rounds and associated logistical footprint. CTAI is maturing its advanced ammunition variants and 40 CTAS to cover land, maritime and air domains with a new capability that defeats future targets with enhanced protection.