Marine electromagnetics is the new frontier for vessels’ discretion and marine mine warfare. The latest innovations in underwater measurements allow detection and and localisation of what cannot be heard or seen with other techniques, such as magnetics, video or acoustics.

After developing unique solutions for marine geophysical imaging, the company has now designed TRIDEM, an innovative 3D-detection system for buried objects, such as marine mines and UXOs. The company has also developed a series of electromagnetic technologies and systems. The company proposes the below:

  • Electromagnetic Signature management: high-resolution measurement and generation of marine electromagnetic, small-scale models and laboratory systems (ICCP vessel protection, as well as other corrosion control and measurements
  • Electric and magnetic field measurements: detection of electromagnetic fields (DC and low frequency fields) with autonomous and towed EM fields equipment
  • Electromagnetic intrusion detection and barriers: harbour and other structures protections.

TRIDEM is now operational, and is used for civil applications, such as pipeline or cable detection or military application in marine mine detection (MCMM).