Leidos Corporation’s leadership in training system innovation dates back to the earliest days of the company. Less than a year after it was founded in 1969 as Science Applications Incorporated, it commenced its early work in defining the player-communications architectures at what was later to become the US Army National Training Center.

Decisive technology

Over the course of the 1980s and 1990s, Leidos continued to pioneer groundbreaking technologies such as crew flight simulators (for the B2 bomber), and computer-generated forces for the US Army Close Combat Tactical Trainer and UK Combined Arms Tactical Trainer. These innovations came to fruition with the unveiling of the first composable architecture in the US Army OneSAF system.

Today, Leidos is a leading provider of training technology across training domains and platforms, and offers clients live, virtual and constructive solutions at the individual, crew and collective levels.

The live training domain

In the live training domain, Leidos provides turnkey combat training centres that integrate the full spectrum of ground and aviation platforms in a integrated and cohesive system, delivering fixed and mobile training capability on base and in forward operating areas.

These solutions include one of the world’s first ‘geopairing’ technologies, which allows battlefield systems such as artillery and long-range air defence to participate fully in the live training battlespace for the first time.

The virtual domain

In the virtual domain, meanwhile, Leidos continues its long tradition of developing and deploying individual and crew trainers for ground and aviation platforms

These solutions integrate the crews of aviation and ground platforms into a fully immersive and pervasive training environment, and offer the advantages ofmobility (systems can be taken to the warfighter) and flexibility (systems can be rapidly reconfigured for different platforms, mission packages and budgets,by extending the composable architectures beyond software and into hardware).

This offers dramatic advantages in the total cost of ownership for these expensive yet critical training systems.

The constructive domain

Turning to the constructive domain, Leidos continues almost 45 years of unbroken development in the provision of complex representations of platforms, behaviours and environments to support command and staff training. Central to the Leidos philosophy in this domain is the delivery of product lines that stimulate warfighters’ native command and control systems, through centralised training centres or cloud-based provisioning of complex synthetic battlespaces.

Supported by a robust capability to rapidly developand deploy rich synthetic terrain, the Leidos family of constructive capabilities promotes institutional andleader training, and rapid turnaround mission-rehearsal capabilities in forward and deployed environments.

Focused fighting

Throughout its existence, Leidos has recognised that no platform, however advanced or capable in the field, can succeed without a focus on preparing the warfighters that operate these systems for their tasks. Very few companies can offer capabilities across the domains and at all levels of training for all types of platforms.

Leidos believes that better-trained warfighters win battles. Commitment to this simple philosophy ensures that Leidos technologies deliver this training around the world, every day.