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Strömsholmen is global leader in the design and manufacture of KALLER industrial gas springs with a clear focus on the automotive industry. In addition, Strömsholmen is designing and manufacturing KALLER gas hydraulic suspension products for heavy duty off-road vehicles such as construction equipment and military vehicles. Undoubtedly Strömsholmen can make a difference to the defence industry due to the in-depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics and know-how gained in the automotive industry.

Because of sealing know-how gained from long experience with industrial gas springs vehicles can expand their operational range from desert heat to North Pole cold. Better suspension means better comfort and personnel safety. Since gas springs drastically reduce vibration levels, the vehicle and the driver can perform better. This increased efficiency also decreases total vehicle emissions as well as wear on vehicle and driving surface. KALLER offers ride height control of the vehicle. This is an advantage for military vehicles that are to board freight planes.

The adjustable suspension is also the perfect solution when it comes to reducing the damage from improvised explosives devices (IED) as the ride height can be increased if desired. The suspension systems also allow for pay-load compensation to keep the vehicle on the same ride height independent of pay-load which improves the handling of the vehicle. KALLER can deliver everything from "basic" suspensions to ride height control to intelligent semi-active suspension systems.

Strömsholmen’s overarching strategy is to in-source as much as possible from development, testing and production. Right now Strömsholmen is expanding the facilities in Sweden to allow for more in-house testing of components and complete suspension as well as fully assembled vehicles. In addition, an out-door test track is being built. The current expansion will also allow for increased in-house production. Strömsholmen has continuously invested in state-of-the-art production technologies to keep ahead of our competitors and be able to offer economy’s of scale to customers.

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