Since 1984, Swiss company IRDAM has manufactured high-end meteorological instruments developed to satisfy the highest constraints of military usage as well as various civilian business needs.

IRDAM is a self-financed company that gives high priority to its research and development. Thanks to this innovative technology without any mobile parts for wind speed and direction measurement, IRDAM offers to his customers a compact weather station, indifferent to vibrations, sand and dust.

In line with the Swiss traditional values of quality and precision, IRDAM prides itself by designing the most resistant weather stations around the world answering the military standard requirements (MIL; VG; GAM), and also being recognised by his customers for product reliability and accuracy.

As a result of high product quality and best in class pre-sales technical support with some deployed IRDAM equipment running for over 20 years, IRDAM weather stations and meteorological instruments are systematically the first choice of armies and businesses worldwide.

Compact and robust, with a measurement capacity not affected by the vibration of vehicle tracks, IRDAM weather stations have always been preferred by Main Battle Tank manufacturers for decades. IRDAM weather sensors have become the indispensable element to analyse the external environment requested for a most accurate ballistic correction.

IRDAM’s meteorological product offering also answers to the specific needs of CBRN applications. With over 3,000 vehicles equipped around the world and an MTBF up to 45,000 hours, IRDAM weather stations are the essential and undisputable peripheral for mobile military applications.

The strong relationships built-up with customers and scientific partners in Switzerland and across the world contribute towards the evolution and continuous improvement of our products. Dynamic and looking to the future, IRDAM’s roadmap is to apply its know-how of the military applications pool to all incoming business and customers with evolving needs, where meteorological information becomes a necessity for the mission.

MAWS series

Developed for ballistic correction, the MAWS 6056B model provides all the meteorological information requested to increase the accuracy of each shot.

Thanks to our patented technology we can measure meteorological parameters with no disturbance due to vibration, sand and dust.
Certified MIL STD, VG and GAM our weather station answers to the extreme conditions of the military environment.

Key points:

  • Wind speed & direction, temperature and air pressure
  • External temperature sensor for ammunition room
  • Factory warranty of three years
  • Easy to integrate
  • Individual test report
  • Thousands of vehicles equipped.

Some of our customers and partners:

  • Nexter
  • Roketsan
  • Aselsan
  • Rheinmetall
  • Otokar
  • Kongsberg

For CBRN applications

Adapted to the CBRN constraints, the model 6056H with Humidity has been developed to support military when critical decisions have to be taken. Operational in seconds, this compact all-in-one weather station is the perfect solution for mobile applications.
Thanks to an integrated compass and GPS, command units can base their decisions on the measurements of CBRN vehicles deployed on the battlefield.

Key points:

  • Wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, air pressure, GPS, compass
  • External sensor for ground temperature
  • Decontamination kit
  • Up and run in seconds
  • Accurate and resistant
  • Individual test report
  • Factory warranty of three years.

Some of our customers and partners:

  • SAAB
  • Bruker.