INVISIO is a global market leader within advanced communication and hearing protection systems. The company develops and sells advanced systems that enable professionals in noisy and mission critical environments to communicate and work effectively, while protecting their hearing. The systems consist of headsets and advanced control units that interface to a wide range of communication devices.

The INVISIO systems provide hearing protection while maintaining the natural level of situational awareness.


Plug and Play modularity and flexibility on the go

INVISIO systems are based on mobility, simplicity, modularity and the flexibility to fit communication needs in every situation. Seamless plug and play integration between inter¬coms, control units, headsets and interface cables is key to the versatility of the INVISIO system.

Introducing a first-of-its-kind for communications in vehicles

The INVISIO Intercom System is the first of its kind, representing a whole new category of mobile and simple intercom systems. The system has been developed for use together with INVISIO’s existing communication systems and bridges the gap between the mounted and dismounted soldier. The soldier can access all vehicle communications directly from their INVISIO control unit, so there is no need to disconnect or connect other equipment when entering or exiting a vehicle.

Proven by the world’s most demanding customers

For over a decade, INVISIO has been the market leader and its various communication solutions have become the given choice for future soldier programmes worldwide. All INVISIO’s systems are developed and tested in close cooperation with some of the world’s most demanding users with the purpose of protecting them as well as enhancing their capabilities during important missions.