Ineo Defense, part of Cofely Ineo, GDF SUEZ Group, designs, develops and produces information, communications, command and control, electronic warfare and intelligence solutions for the defence and security sector. In particular, it offers integrated command and control equipment.

Within the command and control (C2) domain, Ineo Defense creates systems to defend and secure the air, ground and naval operational areas in the domains of communication, processing and delivering information, decision-making, electromagnetic warfare and imagery, battlefield intelligence and security systems.

Ineo Defense company is an entity of Cofely Ineo, of the GDF SUEZ Energy Services group. The expertise acquired by Ineo Defense in designing C2 systems architecture allows it to provide solutions strengthened by an iterative development process that is focused on: analysis of the threat, risk assessment and combat ratio, analysis of C2 optimisation, definition of operational objectives, development implementation, planning, collaborative works, customer-supplier organisation, simulation and training.

The development process results from collaborative engineering, guaranteeing that the C2 systems produced will deliver the required operational capacity. The main tasks of this engineering are: fusion of several points of view, management of corresponding roadmaps, management of traceability and coherence in a changing environment, and faithful recycling of new customers’ requirements and the attached management before the development phase.

After the development, realisation and implementation phases of the system, Ineo Defense continues to accompany its customers by helping them to handle the new C2 system, and providing pedagogical assistance.

Integrated systems
Ineo Defense, with its know-how in system engineering and equipment manufacture, proposes solutions to its customers that allow the integration of C2 equipment into every type of infrastructure, fixed or mobile. This includes: shelters, military and civil vehicles, armoured vehicles, ships and submarines, and naval, ground or aerial drones, as well as aircraft (including fighters and transport aircraft, helicopters and balloons).

To allow operators to run C2 in a safe, secure and comfortable environment, mindful of the external conditions – the climate, sand and dust, chemical attacks – all Ineo’s shelters, armoured vehicles and fixed infrastructures are equipped with integrated services, such as multiple energy generation, air treatment and filtration. These are modular, and capable of adjusting intelligently and permanently the energy consumption by centralised energy-generator management. Decision-making posts are ergonomically designed to offer to the operator the space and backward movement necessary for the clear vision that allows them, in one glance, to see the tasks in action and to manage them intuitively.

Reliable communication
As a systems integrator and equipment manufacturer, Ineo Defense implements effective solutions particularly adapted to the operational requirements. For that purpose, Ineo Defense designs and produces transmission systems based on reliable connections: radio communication networks, covering all the VLF/LF/H/V/U/SHF bands, wired networks with copper or optics LAN, WAN, IP, satellite communication networks with the deployment of stations of every type (land-based, sea-based, mobile or fixed) equipped with antennae 0.6-32m in diameter.

By integrating systems into mobile structures, Ineo Defense pursues a double ambition as an integrator of projectable systems. Ineo Defense aims to:increase equipment performances by integration of new technologies bringing energy efficiency improvement (reduction of CO2 emissions, generators implementation with renewable energy, two-tier air treatment, global weight and acoustic noise decrease); limit the costs of acquisition and ownership.

In order to secure its C2 systems, confronted with the major issue of cyberthreats, which are becoming omniscient, Ineo Defense develops and proposes solutions integrating data and/or infrastructures protection.

So, Ineo Defense accompanies its customers by defining security solutions answering stakes dictated by risk management, taking into account business needs and real threats stressing each information system.

Cofely Ineo’s cybersecurity offer includes: studies, advice and audits; systems security; protection of sensitive data; communication network security; data centres and infrastructures security; and information system security support.

Cofely Ineo, with 15,800 employees and a €2.3-billion turnover in 2013, is a leading player in electrical engineering and information and communication systems, with associated services in five fields of activity: public/private tertiary sector; industry; defence; energy; and telecom, transport and communities infrastructures. Cofely Ineo is a member of GDF SUEZ Energy Services, the European leader in multi-technology services. GDF SUEZ Energy Services is one of the five business sectors of the GDF SUEZ Group.