Ensuring the safety of military personnel and improving the security of communication links are critical objectives in military missions. In order to ensure the safety of military personnel, it is important to find ways of increasing the distance between the personnel and communications equipment, and to provide solutions that support rapid deployment.

Increasing the security of communication links requires technology that is difficult to intercept and immune to various forms of interference.

RF-over-fibre is the ideal solution for applications seeking to increase safety, improve security and enhance overall system performance. By enabling distances of more than 100km between communication links and reducing the amount of cable within the systems, which supports rapid deployment, the use of RF-over-fibre contributes significantly to increased safety of military personnel.The security of communication links are vastly improved by the use of fibre optics, which transmit data over light, making it extremely difficult to intercept.

The use of fibre optics also provides immunity to interferences caused by radio signals, electromagnetic influences and lightning. HUBER+SUHNER is one of the only companies in the world with expertise and experience in radio frequency and fibre optics, as well as the technology to combine them for use in a single solution.

With customers requiring new systems that combine various technologies, HUBER+SUHNER has positioned itself to provide customers with end-to-end hybrid solutions. The RF-over-fibre series enables the use of radio frequency and fibre optics in a single system.