Horizon Technologies is pleased to announce its 5th nation to adopt FlyingFish™ as its baseline airborne satellite monitoring ISR system. Twelve 2nd Generation FlyingFish systems will be deployed on a variety of airborne ISR platforms to assist this country in securing its borders. This $5+ million contract was in response to an urgent classified military requirement and all units will be delivered by year’s end.

FlyingFish is the world’s most advanced airborne satellite phone monitoring system. We have an unsurpassed and unrivalled record in providing our customers with this important component of the SIGINT bandwidth. For most of our customers, FlyingFish is essential to every ISR mission.

Horizon Technologies is a UK small business, and FlyingFish has been in production since 2012. FlyingFish is manufactured in the UK, and is available worldwide for customers desiring an affordable, proven, ISR product. For more information, see www.horizontechnologies.eu.