HETEK has been developing, constructing and manufacturing high-quality and highly reliable lifting equipment for more than 60 years. Its products have proved themselves worldwide and incorporate a balanced mix of traditional and innovative design elements, which forms the basis of the high quality of HETEK’s German-made lifting equipment.

Heavy duty equipment

HETEK’s lifting systems are designed to allow customers to load and unload containers or units without having to use additional lifting equipment. They are able to carry loads of up to 15t and for lifting heights of up to 2m. Lifting systems are generally attached to containers at the ISO corners. However, HETEK is also able to produce special connectors.

The company’s levelling supports can generally achieve a maximum height of 600mm and have a total carrying capacity of up to16t with dynamic loads. They are typically used on containers, vehicles and functional units that have to be aligned and stabilised relative to the ground. They can also be used for setting up larger functional units, such as mobile hospitals or field camps.

Heavy-duty rollers are designed for moving containers over solid ground. The rollers are attached at the bottom at the ISO corners, which ensures a maximum level of stability and keeps the lateral openings in the ISO corners free for other uses.

The lifting wheels can move containers with a weight of up to 17t on less solid and slightly uneven ground, and can also be used for loading smaller containers and structures into cargo planes.

The lifting gantries combine the functions of both a lifting system and heavy-duty rollers in a single unit.