For 40 years, GuS Glass + Safety has been manufacturing periscopes for tanks and armoured vehicles. The company is an OEM for the German armed forces and delivers to more than 40 countries worldwide. The family-owned enterprise is located in Lübbecke, in the north of Germany.

GuS produces tank periscopes with acrylic and glass prisms. Besides the prisms, customers have the option of choosing the housing material and several additional features, including protection caps, blackout blinds, different types of laser filter, flap-mirror systems that save space in the vehicle and many more. GuS offers more than 400 different periscopes with these additional options.

The company also offers transparent armour in four different STANAG levels. GuS’s laminated safety glass (LSG) technology provides a weight reduction of 10-20% at the same ballistic protection level, which enables enhancements to the vehicle’s features, such as a wider range, additional load and better driving performance.

Due to evolving customer requirements and expectations, GuS’s R&D department develops new technologies for future MBTs, IFVs and APCs. The company’s panoramic periscope with a width of 1m can replace a STANAG level-4 glass, offering more protection at approximately 90% less weight than a conventional screen.

The latest innovation is a sand-resistant periscope that is capable of meeting tough customer requirements, especially for desert operations. This periscope is equipped with a ceramic outer layer that guarantees a good view compared with other glasses according to MIL-STD-810G 510.5, procedure II. Many different periscopes, such as M17 and M27, can be upgraded with this ceramic outer layer, which is exclusively available at GuS. To see more, visit GuS at DSEI 2017 booth S6-490.