GuS (Glass and Safety) is a mid-sized family company that for almost 40 years has specialised in developing and manufacturing periscopes and bullet-resistant glass for armoured vehicles distributed to German and international markets.

As an experienced international supplier of optical products, GuS has gained the recognition and satisfaction of customers, from important organizations such NATO and national armed forces from more than 50 countries, by providing quality through customised solutions that accomplish any project’s requirements. GuS has a unique product line that includes periscopes (M-series, Wisp-series, Special-series and vehicle-specific periscopes), bullet-resistant glasses STANAG 1 – 4, and a certified repair service for bulletproof windows.

Laminated safety glass (LSG) technology has been used by GuS for more than 15 years to produce bullet-resistant glasses. This technology guarantees 10 to 20% less weight than conventional windows and reduces considerably the nominal thickness by bonding diverse transparent materials, with no compromise on ballistic or optical qualities.

The in-house R&D is an important central element at GuS to develop cutting-edge glass composites that save weight and increase protection. Therefore, GuS collaborates closely with research organizations such as Fraunhofer Institute, universities and various networks in order to meet emerging customers’ requirements.

International certified bullet-resistant glass for all-weather conditions

GuS bullet-resistant windows are manufactured in accordance with the international standards Stanag (Levels 1 – 4) and BR classes of DIN EN 1063 or NIJ (0108.01); they have been approved by the German Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Drivers in accordance with German traffic regulations (StVZO).

GuS bullet-resistant windows offer a light transmission above 75%, a wide temperature range, which allows them to be deployed internationally even under volatile climatic conditions, and different nominal thickness according to each STANAG specification.

Stress simulations, environmental and optical tests are conducted at GuS in-house test labs in order to prove the products’ functionality and avoid production defects. Besides, GuS own heat-film technology provides an output of 4.5W/dm2 and it can be adapted to customer’s specifications. GuS bullet-resistant glasses are delivered in complete modules, which are mounted in a fully assembled state directly on the vehicle and are compatible with night vision devices.

Additional features of GuS bullet-resistant windows and periscopes

GuS bullet-resistant glasses and tank periscopes can be equipped, upon request, to protect against diverse dangers such as mine explosions, IED, EFP, and CBRN threats and with fuel resistance. Supplementary features can also be integrated in the bulletproof glasses such as:

  • interference laser and UV radiation protection
  • EMC shielding
  • increased stone-chip and scratch resistance
  • transparent window heating for deicing and dissolving condensation
  • anti-reflection coatings and tints.

Glass repair, an efficient and cost-saving solution

Windows may become damaged or scratched during operations, so GuS offers training to clients to enable them to assess whether or not passengers are at any risk as a result. GuS also provides certified repair methods in order to reduce vehicle downtime and maintenance costs. GuS military maintenance service staff can also inspect the damage at the site of the customer’s fleet and, in this way, guarantee a speedy repair process.

400 types of acrylic and glass periscopes for armored vehicles worldwide

GuS is known for being one of the oldest and most recognised producers of OEM military periscopes, which are deployed in armoured vehicles. GuS provides tank periscopes with glass and acrylic prisms that can be manufactured with diverse metallic, ABS or extra-waterproof housings according to customer’s specifications. GuS has a wide range of periscopes such as M-series, Wisp-series and special-series among other vehicle-specific periscopes, which are developed, produced and qualified according to the German Technical Conditions of Supply (TL) and the US MIL-DTL-62420 B(AT) standards.

GuS specialists select materials depending on the weight and optical requirements for the periscopes. These can be equipped with additional features such as three different laser filter variants, windows heating, UV protection, flap mirror systems, protection caps, blackout blinds and digital displays. These displays show necessary information for the driver such as speed and time without blocking their vision.

Almost 40 years of experience protecting human lives with glass products

GuS "Glass and Safety" was founded in 1977 and since then this family-owned company has as main purpose to secure and protect human lives with glass products. Therefore, GuS conducts research intensively to increase the protection level of its products. For achieving this aim, GuS enrolls and trains highly qualified staff, whose experience, contributions in R&D, manufacturing skills and creativity help to assure the quality of its products.

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