The Fischer LP360 is the first product in the brand new Fischer Freedom Series launched in June at Eurosatory. It is a low-profile and concentric-circle connector with 360° mating ‘freedom’ and easy cleaning that maximises the usability, efficiency and performance of soldiers’ equipment in a revolutionary way.

With its breakthrough technological innovations, the LP360 can play a major role in lifting one of the most basic roadblocks for future soldier programmes: cable management. The new connector eliminates the key code, meaning it can be plugged and routed in any direction, ensuring that the cable on the vest can always go straight to the device. Design engineers can easily and seamlessly integrate the new connector – with or without cables – into the multifunctional portable and wearable devices that are part of the modern soldier’s tactical vests.

These devices all need to be interconnected – and they are currently independently powered. The Fischer Freedom Series enables engineers to build an ‘intelligent vest’ based on a shared data and power bus with wiring on the inside, one central battery for all, and connectors that work as a hub interface at strategically chosen locations. This keeps the number of cables on the outside of the vest to a minimum, and allows standardisation and miniaturisation of the entire electronic ecosystem, with more functionality in smaller devices.