Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd

Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd is one of the pioneering companies in Air-conditioning & Refrigeration industries in India with over 50 years of experience in the design, development, engineering, manufacture, marketing , project execution and after sales service of various types of Climatic Conditioners.

Being part of the Group with USD 500 Million size operations,the Company is engaged in diverse activities related to Environmental Control Systems for Defence, Railways and Telecom Segments, and Automobile Load Body Works, Fabrication Projects for Defence, Railways engine Radiators, Heat Exchangers, Building Construction Materials, Structural Steel Projects, Pre engineered Buildings , Prefabricated structures, Electrification and Transmission Projects , Wind Tower Products, HVAC and Airsystem products, Customer Service , Retrofitment Jobs, BPO etc.

Recent Highlights:

  • The CREAM of our jobs was the supply of 2100 nos Environmental Control Air conditioning system for BMP- ICV armoured tracked fighting vehicle to Army, meeting the challenging conditions of rough and tough terrain and extreme ambient conditions, floatation and missile firing stresses.
  • We have also supplied the Environmental ControlAirconditioning system along with "Auxillary Power Unit" for "SILENT RUNNING MODE" for over 125 nos. BMP VARIANT Armoured, Tracked vehicles .
  • We have executed huge number of AIRCONDITIONING& HEATING jobs for the rough and tough vehicles – namely the MINE PROTECTED VEHICLES produced at the ORDNANCE FACTORIES for ARMY and Inland Security.

We have supplied ruggedised vertical slip-on airconditioners in huge quantities for INDRA RADARS , SRE Radars, ADC & RS Radars projects,

Also we have supplied huge quantities of MIL GRADE ACs for several defence communication projects including PMO-SURAJ project for EWS shelters and for ECIL -DIVYADRISSHTI projects.

The product range of our Environmental Control Airconditioning Systems comprises of:

  • Ruggedised Climatic conditioners for Defence services- ARMY,AIR FORCE, NAVY
  • Ruggedised Airconditioning systems for Armoured Wheeled Vehicles,Armoured BMP tracked vehicles , MPVs, Mobile Radar stations, defence shelters, etc. Air-Conditioning systems for Army Vehicles, Driver CAB for Stallion etc.. Vehicles, Luxury Buses, School Buses etc.
  • Ruggedised Air Conditioning Systems for Mining Applications, Dumpers, Showels etc. Cabin Climate Control
  • 100% Pressurised Air Cooling Systems for Mobile Cooling Applications including Ground Cooling of Aircrafts
  • Roof Mounted Package Air- Conditioners for Railway Coaches including High Speed Coaches, .(with Microprocessor Control Panels) and Locomotive Driver Cabs/Guard Cabins.
  • Packaged Air- Conditioners for Telecom Industry including high sensible cooling units


ISO Certified

  • FEDDERS LLOYD CORPORATION LTD is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Company

Approvals – Defence:

We are registered and approved for several products and parts under CAT part nos. by Indian Defence Organisations such as ARMY CQA ( EE ) Pune , ( DGQA ) ; AIR FORCE ( DGAQA) & CRI