With six decades of experience producing ammunition links for weapons designed and constructed in a range of countries around the world, Eurolinks is an important player in providing technical assistance to engineering companies working to develop or improve such products.

Eurolinks has been making ammunition links for almost 60 years. It all started with its French 7.50/7.62mm links for AA52, before the company added new types of links as customers, satisfied by the high quality of the supplies, progressively requested them. Eurolinks now offers more than 35 types of links that suit small and medium-calibre ammunitions (5.56-40.00mm), which are to be used in the most diverse weapons systems of German/Swiss, French, British and US origin and design.

The company also produces a widening range of links for Russian-designed ammunition and weapons systems, notably in medium calibre. It can offer technical and testing assistance for the development of new types of links or the improvement of existing designs. Eurolinks can also team up with engineering companies that specialise in machinery and setup of ammunition production lines to handle the part of the project relating to link-making installations, should link manufacture be a part of the ammunition production-line project.

Given the current budget constraints in many parts of the world, Eurolinks supports its manufacturers’ customers in the challenge of cost reduction for ammunition procurement and management. As a strategic supplier, it must also increase productivity.

Some projects of a technological nature are also under consideration, such as reducing the burden of soldiers. This has led the industry to look for technical solutions for reducing the weight of ammunition and links while keeping in mind the increasingly complex regulations that affect all aspects of the business.

Eurolinks’ ISO 9001:2008 and NATO AQAP 2120-certified processes frame the ways it monitors and controls the procurement of materials, and ensure performance of its supply chain – from controlling the phases of link production to using digital inspection methods for early detection of defects. Aside from this certification, Eurolinks is audited by most of its customers on a regular basis, and proudly holds many certifications granted by consumers or awarded by armed forces.