The company’s innovative solution makes secure communication possible over non-secure infrastructure, such as cellular networks and public Wi-Fi networks.

Dencrypt A/S provides secure mobile voice & video calls and secure instant messaging on iOS or Android smartphones for users in the defence, government, police, and corporations.

The innovative Dencrypt Communication Solution works on standard IP data networks, including mobile phone networks, Wi-Fi, satellite, and lower bandwidth channels.

Security is achieved by applying end-to-end encryption between devices using Dencrypt’s Dynamic Encryption principle. This provides an optimal level of security to the user, preventing eavesdropping and unauthorised access to data.

Innovative smartphone app for secure communication and messaging

The Dencrypt Connex app provides a cutting-edge communication solution. Connex combines voice and video calls with messaging in a single app.

All voice, video and messages are encrypted using Dynamic Encryption. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it can be used as an integrated part of day-to-day communication.

Group calls and group messaging are supported. Users may be added to ongoing calls.

The messaging feature allows for exchanging text messages, photos, recorded audio, and location information.

Messages can be sent with various timing constraints (auto delete after timeout, do not deliver before, etc.). Connex also allows for instant location sharing (f.x. in emergencies).

User-friendly secure communication solutions for military, government, police, and corporations

The company’s product is Common Criteria certified and has accreditation from NATO and the Danish Defence.

For many organisations it is of utmost importance that information can be passed on quickly. But it is also pivotal that mobile communication is secure. The consequences of someone gaining insight into operational information would be disastrous. For military, government, police, and private organisations around the world, a flexible and secure communication solution is essential.

Decrypt has a proven track record of supporting Danish Defence, NATO, MoDs and governments during daily and critical operations with its cutting-edge secure communication solution.

The solution is a communication system where the system administrator has full control over who can access the system. This includes adding and removing users, as well as establishing individual call privileges for each user.

The solution also allows organisations to communicate across multiple systems. This is enabled by Dencrypt’s Bridge module that federates systems into one coherent communication network while still allowing system administrators to define individual user privileges.

Security features of Dencrypt Communication Solution

Dencrypt Communication Solution works on standard smartphones without need for any additional hardware.

The solutions features state-of-the-art encryption along with many other built-in security functions.

Key security advantages of Dencrypt’s solution include:

  • Dynamic Encryption + AES-256
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Perfect forward secrecy
  • Trusted connections using TLS1.2
  • Secure storage of chat history
  • Closed secure phonebook
  • Encrypted push notifications
  • Secure provisioning of users


Server solutions for encrypted communication

The Dencrypt Server System provides infrastructure that allows secure mobile communication using the Dencrypt Connex apps. It is Common Criteria certified and can be delivered as a cloud service as well as an Enterprise solution (on-premises installation). The Enterprise solution is optimal for organisations requiring full control over their communication solution.

Dencrypt Core for securing data communication

Dencrypt also offers Dynamic Encryption for other applications. Dencrypt Core is a module developed specifically for partners, containing the crypto components required to integrate Dynamic Encryption into existing or planned products. It enables all types of data connections to be secured by Dynamic Encryption.

Dencrypt works with its partners throughout the project lifecycle, from requirement specification, system design, implementation, delivery, and support.

Experienced staff to ensure customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Dencrypt’s top priority. Dencrypt employs staff and executives with strong knowledge and experience in understanding the needs of customers and converting this to cutting-edge solutions.

Dencrypt’s staff are ready to assist customers on the phone, via email, or through our dedicated customer support portal. An experienced team of software development and cryptography professionals monitor technology and security trends to continuously develop and improve the solution.

The company’s network of carefully selected sales partners can offer customers a high level of service and local support.


About us

Dencrypt A/S is a Danish company that specialises in developing and providing solutions based on the principle of Dynamic Encryption.

Dencrypt was established to enable everyone to communicate in confidence. Dencrypt combines advanced encryption technology with user-friendly operation.