Dat-Con’s MS 825/500 is a very capable long-range multisensor system comprised of next-generation technological solutions. Combined with full Sova software, it can be integrated with any existing system or as a part of a new project. As all the software and mechanical elements are developed in-house, the combination possibilities are endless and the use of third-party components can be integrated with ease.

The multisensor is comprised of an electro optical head that contains two payloads; in this case, a long-wave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera and a short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera.

The LWIR detector used in CLRT-825 is termed ‘hot’, meaning it can run at much higher temperatures than a regular LWIR detector, thus increasing its lifespan and lowering maintenance costs.

SWIR is a new technology that takes advantage of the shortwave infrared band. It produces images similar to that of a visual band, and so the operator does not need much time to adjust it. It can also match the LWIR in its ability to see in bad atmospheres.

A pan-tilt locator enables remote pointing of the cameras to desired directions and also adds the option of high-precision gyro stabilisation. This allows observation even if the system is mounted to a non-stable platform, such as a vessel or a high mast.

Sova software not only delivers essential features, but also allows the integration of other sensor features, including radar, Ais and a digital map. It brings all sensory equipment into one single/dual window and applies interactions between them according to the operator’s wishes. This enables numerous features, including automatic rotating and zooming of the cameras by clicking on the map; a slew-to-cue capability on radar or any other integrated platform; and the use of multiple surveillance platforms.