DA-Group’s offering includes various advanced solutions for extreme environments from sea depth pressure and arctic conditions to vacuum of outer space. We offer the entire service chain to deliver systems, subsystems and equipment – from research, design and development, testing and manufacturing to complete product lifecycle management. All in-house from one stop shop.

Specialized in electronics since 1990’s, DA-Group has its expert design and development team for complex solutions. We are experts in embedded software solutions, FPGA designs, electronics, mechanics as well as RF, microwave and millimeter wave engineering, including software development, analysis and simulations. We produce prototypes and manufacture serial production of demanding equipment. We have been the trusted partner for the defence forces, defence and security industry in Finland and internationally for decades.

The parent company, DA-Design Oy, was established in 1995 and has grown into a consolidated corporation. Today, DA-Group employs over 120 professionals. DA-Group is a privately owned Finnish SME company.


DA Defence & Aerospace

DA-Group’s Defence & Aerospace business unit designs and manufactures advanced spaceflight, microwave, RF, and digital systems, subsystems and units, having a strong history of technology development for defence and space applications. DA Defence & Aerospace focuses on underwater and electronic warfare systems, combat resilience and signature management, naval applications, space sensors and space situational awareness.


TURSO Naval Mine Systems

DA-Group modernizes your existing naval mines or delivers completely new mine systems, including explosive components, according to customer’s requirements. DA-Group provides the most modern Target Detection System (TDS) for naval mine warfare. The key component is an intelligent and user programmable Target Detection Device (TDD) for moored and seabed influence mines, enabling users to develop algorithms and parameters for various target detections.


Space Surveillance and Tracking

DA-Group can provide our customers full range of SST radar systems. We have good expertise in large multistatic radar systems with phased-array antenna fields for Space Weather Research.


Space electronics

DA-Group operates as a subcontractor for major space companies and ESA in satellite projects. We deliver systems, subsystems and equipment, including all phases of development, design, manufacturing and testing, for both spaceflight and ground based applications. This work is supported by continuous in-house research and technology development.


Naval Combat Survivability Management

The industry-leading Survivability Management Software SURMA offers superior tools to rapidly assess the ship’s vulnerability in a holistic way, taking into account any military threat’s effects to the systems, equipment, routes and crew – at any point of the

design process.

SURMA does not require additional modelling as it utilizes the already existing models, taking the turn-around time for a vulnerability assessment to unforeseen level. As the benefit, it eliminates almost all additional model creation work, reduces the computation time from weeks to seconds and makes it possible to assess wide range of scenarios in matter of hours.

The SURMA results are automatically processed into an interactive and intuitive html report reducing the time needed even more, as all the necessary data is easily available in a readable format with automatically generated figures and graphs.


RAHKO Degaussing System

In modern naval mine warfare, the magnetic signature is one of the main triggers of a mine or a torpedo. RAHKO Shipborne Degaussing System minimizes the naval vessel’s magnetic signature allowing operations in mine threat areas. Coupled with SURMA magnetic modelling capabilities – available as service and software – DA-Group provides turnkey solution for magnetic signature management for any navy project.