Norsafe’s Marathon 900 RHIB-D is a new multi-mission high-speed craft that has undergone, and performed well in, a series of tests for rough weather conditions. The boat is ideal for users who also work for long periods of time in extreme environments; it can handle patrol operations, boarding and inspection missions, diving support, surveys and workboat duties. The craft, which is transportable and deployable by air, ship and road, has a rigid bulwark and D-fender that increase deck space. The boat has a cargo track and a flexible layout that can be tailored to user-specific needs.

During its design and development, ergonomics and safety in extreme conditions were key considerations for the Marathon’s console and dashboard, which enable the main controls and switches to be in reach of the pilot position. Gaining feedback from user workshops and long-range offshore testing also helped to refine features and functions of the craft.

Other benefits include the console’s large flat surfaces – which make it easy to install additional mission-specific equipment – and navigational lights that prevent the creation of reflections and lighting up the vessel during night operations. The robust radar arch has been produced with high-tech woven glass-reinforced plastic mats to reduce vibrations, as well as damage to electronic sensors or equipment that is placed on the large flexible mounting surface. In addition to this, the vessel’s structure has a self-righting capability.

Crew and passengers can sit on shock-absorbing or high-end saddle seats. The latter has laminated foam-core seating that can be tailored to individual specifications. Seats and saddles are fitted to cargo rails, so alterations are easy to make.

The boat’s grab rails and work lighting are other advantages with anti-skid surfaces that are positioned in step zones. The main deck also has no steps to make moving around safer at night.

With large scuppers on both sides of the stern, the craft can effectively self-drain the cockpit. Two mooring fittings are located astern, with foldable cleats being mid-ship; two additional cleats and a samson post are located in the bow. Steps and storage boxes are on the front deck to make room for mooring lines.