We supply the complete demolitions train — from initiation to detonation and deactivation to safe disposal.

CBRNergetics Ltd. provides unique solutions for the defense industry and police forces worldwide. We will be your single source supplier of Demolition Stores & Explosives, plus Demining, EOD & Battlefield Simulation equipment. We deliver a custom solution to meet your needs, whether that is bespoke packaging and transportation requirements, specially designed equipment, or training and certification courses.

DEMOLITION STORES: We provide a wide range of explosives and initiation devices. We offer the complete line of SEMTEX explosives, C4, PE-4, and other demolition charges. We are industry leaders in providing special explosives such as: RAZOR, Bangalore Torpedo, Beehive & other Shaped Charges, plus Sheet, Tape, & Paste Explosives.

DEMOLITIONS – INITIATION: Our products are guaranteed to initiate — first time, every time. We supply a wide variety of Shock Tube Systems, Electric & Plain Detonators, Safety Fuse, Electric Fuse, and Firing Cable Reels. Our experts have recently custom designed variations to the highly popular Igniter Safety Fuse Percussion, 5-MD-17.

BATTLE SIMULATION: We are rapidly expanding our line of pyrotechnic & simulation products. Our products can simulate loud explosions, artillery, ground bursts, air bursts, and a variety of small arms. We can customize our simulation products to meet your specific training requirements.

DEMINING: We provide a wide range of equipment to meet the demands of EOD & Combat Engineer personnel. Surveillance equipment, X-ray, and Minefield Marking Kits enable operators to identify threats. Our range of Disruptors, Pigstick, Injectors, and special tools will neutralize the threat. A variety of PPE such as Bomb Suits, Search Suits, Demining Aprons, and Ballistic Helmets keep personnel safe.

EOD & C-IED: Recent threat areas of the world have created a huge demand for unique Hook & Line Kits. Our PALADIN and BRIMSTONE branded packs provide Special Operators a versatile set of tools and equipment for EOD, C-IED, and IEDD missions.

CBRN DETECTION: We supply highly capable CBRN detection equipment. Our technicians also provide servicing and maintenance on a variety of chemical detection equipment. We enhance explosives detection and training capabilities with EXPRAY, DETEX, and Dog Scent Training Kits.

MEDICAL: Conflicts around the world have created demand for our Medical Packs, Trauma Kits, and IFAK. Providing equipment that saves lives and prevents injury is a major responsibility. We produce bespoke Medical Kits & Packs that meet trauma needs for troops in the field.