Who is a typical client for CBRNergetics when it comes to the provision of ground support hardware?

Kevin Catallo: At CBRNergetics, we specialise in providing demolitions, explosives, battle simulation, improvised explosive device detection (IEDD) and explosive ordnance dispoal (EOD) products to clients in armed forces and the police across the US, the UK, NATO and the Gulf region. Specifically, our demolitions and explosives equipment are best suited to the variety of missions performed by military engineers and special forces personnel. We ensure that all of our customers can rely on mission-capable explosives for breaching any potential target that they may encounter, including wooden and metallic structures, reinforced concrete, a variety of doors and locking mechanisms, and earthen barriers.

Direct feedback that we have received from our customers in this area has indicated our products' success in enabling mission objectives in the diverse locations where our clients operate, exceeding many of their initial expectations.

"Our range of battle simulation pyrotechnics simulate accurate sounds, including not only artillery, air and ground burst charges, rifle and machine gun fire, but also the smells of battle."

What are the primary challenges encountered by ground forces embarking on counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) missions?

C-IED and EOD are ever-expanding missions. They were brought to the forefront of warfare in recent decades, especially with ground forces engaged in combat operations during recent campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. We continue to see proliferations of IEDs and other types of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in ongoing conflicts. EOD and C-IED personnel must also have a deep knowledge of ordnance and employment methods. Further adding to the complexity of these mission sets is the use of IEDs in numerous terrorist attacks.

How has CBRNergetics worked with its clients to provide tailor-made solutions for these challenges?

We aim to forge strong partnerships with suppliers and customers alike, with the intent to galvanise long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships. Being a small business, the end users of our products are also able to work directly with experts and key decision-makers at CBRNergetics to tailor custom solutions that meet unique mission requirements. For example, we recently developed a new solution that was generated in response to a customer's specific requirement for C-IED and EOD missions. They required a highly versatile and capable kit for land forces engaged in IEDD and EOD missions, and we responded by creating a combined PALADIN and BRIMSTONE IEDD/EOD backpack. Through our iterative processes we created an ideal solution for operators to counter UXO and IED threats.

What additional products does CBRNergetics provide in this area?

We believe in the mantra, 'Train like you fight'. In order to meet this core belief, we offer a line of products dedicated to training personnel. Our range of battle simulation pyrotechnics simulate accurate sounds, including not only artillery, air and ground burst charges, rifle and machine gun fire, but also the smells of battle. Many of the battle simulation products can be custom manufactured to specific sizes, lengths, decibel and frequency of fire. We also offer smaller simulation devices, suitable for generating a loud report of approximately 150dB. These devices include our Thunderflash family of products and EOD 1 and 2 devices — all of which provide indoor and outdoor training options.

In what ways does CBRNergetics strive to keep its business practices ethical and transparent?

We stay current on government regulations for any country where we work. This ensures that we operate within existing legal frameworks for transporting demolitions and exportcontrolled equipment to armed forces and police end users. As a UK-based company, we achieve this by monitoring current updates posted by the Department of International Trade, through export licence processes and staying abreast of rules that adhere to international guidelines for end-use controls. In addition to ensuring that our legal knowledge is current, we possess codified company policies that focus on ethical business practices, including measures against bribery and corruption and those that encourage sustainability and equal opportunities. We publish many of our policies online, and will provide them to any customer or client that wants to understand how we work.