About Helix

CADG’s Helix ISR Platform consists of an aircraft and ground control station to deliver a complete ISR solution. The platform utilises an ES-15 Single Engine Aircraft as the system’s aircraft which is equipped with Hensoldt’s Argos II camera along with 2 additional hard points for payload integration. Payloads are entirely customisable with the client choosing their preferred payload options. The payload outputs are all transmitted via data link to a Ground Control Station where the intelligence is viewed in real time. The components of the Ground Control Station are ruggedised allowing high mobility and rapid deployment for ISR missions. CADG’s Helix ISR platform is a flexible and customisable solution that is unrestricted with unlimited uses.

The Team

CADG developed the Helix ISR Platform in close collaboration with our partners ECARYS (aircraft manufacturers) and S-PLANE (systems suppliers). While CADG owns Helix, all aircraft and platform support are provided by the entire team; CADG, ECARYS and S-PLANE.

About CADG Aeronautical Innovations

CADG Aeronautical Innovations is part of the CADG group of companies with a core focus on implementing complex engineering and construction projects in some of the most remote and austere regions of the world. CADG Aeronautical Innovations is the specialised aviation and ISR wing of CADG, with a focus on providing ISR services and support while also owning and operating a proprietary ISR platform. The platform: Helix, provides a cost effective and highly customizable ISR solution without compromising on quality. CADG Aeronautical Innovations adds this ISR capability to CADG’s well established capabilities and footprint across Africa and the Middle East.


ECARYS is a subsidiary of the German sports aircraft manufacturer STEMME AG and brings its many years of experience to one of the most efficient platforms for airborne surveillance, reconnaissance and research challenges. Cooperation with commercial partners, scientific establishments and various governments all around the globe have fueled the development of the ES15 and its modular capabilities. The platform is able to carry technical systems of numerous main suppliers within specific segments of industry. The company supplies the aircraft platform which will then be tailored for an integration of optical, radar or other intelligent sensor systems according to customer requirements.

About S-Plane

S-PLANE Automation (Pty) Ltd is an international aerospace company specialising in the delivery of complete certification-ready Automation, Simulation, Communication and Ground Control Solutions for ISR aircraft systems. S-PLANE Combines its market-leading products with system engineering, integration and test support services to customize and deliver these solutions to its clients. S-PLANE’s Solutions and experience span aircrafts ranging from civil to military, manned and unmanned, fixed-wing and rotary-wing. Most Notably, S-PLANE Solutions are used by various clients to create Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Optionally Piloted Vehicles (OPVs), as well as Manned ISR Aircraft that are upgradable to become UAVs/OPVs.