Brugg’s innovative hybrid cable makes it possible to set up power and data networks simultaneously via a single lead. In addition to the benefits of rapid installation and deployment, the combination of data and electricity means that the power generators, storage devices, and consumers are also connected to the data network and can be optimally monitored and controlled by means of a data-power management system.
The management software and hybrid cable also support simple and flexible planning, installation, and expansion through the use of local power sources such as the sun, wind, and water. The integration of fibre optic and copper cables up to 1,500V DC/16A permits virtually unlimited data bandwidths and many kilowatts of transmitted power.

Remote possibilities

The ring – or meshed – network topology is highly available, thanks to a high redundancy that is augmented by distributed, networked power sources and storage devices. The hybrid cable also enables the connection of remote stations, so that radio stations, sensors, and actuators can be networked and supplied with several kilowatts of power at distances of 500-5,000m.
The cable has been tried and tested by armed forces that are already using nearly 1,000km of cable and more than 3,000 hybrid connectors daily in harsh field conditions.
Experience in real-time deployment reveals huge optimisation potential for base camp infrastructures in terms of resource optimisation and simplification, performance enhancement and energy efficiency, availability and security, and transport and logistics.
Brugg’s cable helps ensure that the desired objectives are achievable through a combination of existing and new technologies, and that the equipment will be compatible with future technology.
Although the goal of reducing fossil fuel consumption has an ecological basis, the high-risk transport and storage of fuel in crisis areas also drives up energy costs. A network topology that makes simple and efficient use of locally available power sources is therefore indispensable.