Bechtle makes it a priority to be close to its customers, with 70 systems integrators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as ecommerce subsidiaries in 14 European countries. Whether for a midsized business, large corporation or public sector orginisation, Bechtle can be counted on as a forward-facing partner offering a blend of direct IT product sales and extensive systems integration services. Bechtle helps to obtain everything needed, wherever it is needed – in Europe or worldwide – through its IT alliance partners on every continent.

Backed by extensive experience and expertise in futureproof IT architecture, the company values traditional infrastructures just as highly as current trends like digitalisation, cloud computing, mobility, security and IT-as-a-service.

It offers over 70,000 hardware and software products through its online shops, customer-specific eprocurement platforms and over the phone. In addition, specialists at the company’s 65 group-wide competence centres dedicate themselves to providing expert support for a broad range of complex topics.

In the defence sector, Bechtle has been a set partner for over nine years, delivering hardware and services to the German armed forces, the Bundeswehr.

And because the company is committed to full IT-life cycle management, Bechtle’s professional remarketing services ensure that used equipment is given a new lease of life. Bechtle offers the delivery of client equipment, accesories and TEMPEST equipment.

The knowledge to succeed

In the defence sector, Bechtle has been a set partner for over nine years, delivering hardware and services to the German armed forces, the Bundeswehr. National and international security authorities also rank among the company’s customers and benefit from its branch-specific know-how and experience.Since 2017, Bechtle is proud to hold the framework contract ‘ITM WP2’ with the NCI Agency. The company is responsible for the day-precise delivery of client end-user equipment to over 40 NATO sites in over 14 different countries over a period of five years.

The product range that is available to the NCI Agency is extensive and includes mobile devices, monitors, peripherals, as well as stationary computing solutions. To top the product basket off, a wide range of products are available as tempest variation in three different levels: A, B and C according to the NATO standard SDIP-27. NATO hereby responds to security threads regarding the interception of radiation, which is essential when working with classified material such as military organisations and security authorities.

Maintain the focus

The focus on tempest is one characteristic that distinguishes the ITM-WP2 project from other common projects. Tempest is a highly complex sector in the IT industry, and only a few companies have the know-how and necessary expertise to fulfil the challenging aspects of providing tempest products in huge numbers and a short time frame. Bechtle works together with leading companies in this niche sector and contributes significantly to NATO’s IT-security strategy.

Besides the ITM-WP2 contract, Bechtle also holds the Horizon 3 framework contract, which is part of the ITMMitigation project. Within this contract, Bechtle also delivers client end-user equipment to various NATO sites worldwide.

Those interested in learning more about Bechtle’s portfolio and IT services should contact its colleagues at IT System House, in Bonn, where the company bundles the special expertise and experience that it gained from its business relations with armed forces and security authorities over recent decades.