Ascom is an international solution provider with comprehensive technological know-how in Mission-Critical Communication. The company concentrates on its core areas Wireless Solutions, Network Testing and Security Communication.

Ascom Security Communication is a leading provider of secure, reliable communication solutions for alarm systems, mobilization and tactical communication. Security Communication delivers specialized solutions for command and control and in-house communications as well as emergency call systems for defense forces, public and private security organizations, rescue services and infrastructure operators Our strong home position, our long experience in tactical communications have enabled us to develop products and systems for the international market, which we supply and support via our partners worldwide.


Effectiveness is the foundation of all mission critical communication, especially in the combat arena where flexible and reliable tactical communication infrastructures must without fail allow the necessary coordination between fixed and mobile headquarters with mobile field personnel and their equipment. Ascom Tactical Communication is highly focused on enabling network-centric operations for defense and security organizations and committed to help advance the way these operations communicate. Our network equipment allows military and homeland security organizations to be well connected, fast, mobile and more effective.


Ascom All-IP access nodes are aligned with NATO TACOMS Post-2000 architecture for Wide Area Sub-system; Local Area Sub-systems; and Mobile Sub-systems including Radio Access Points and Interoperability Points towards external public, strategic and legacy networks.


Ascom military products are built on proven capabilities deployed by several European national defense forces and peace-keeping operations in multi-national military environments.


Multimedia technology enables seamless mobility of voice and data services over hetero¬geneous channels, as well as provisioning for Next Generation wireless enhancements.


For effective communications you must be able to fully integrate all components into a seamless system. Ascom Security Communication makes this happen.