Altadona is a Global company with its head quarter’s based in Madrid and presence in the USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Altadona commercialises, implements, integrates and supports advanced software solutions for the visualisation and real time management of all physical security systems, in corporate, military and government environments. Among the Altadona solutions we here highlight fourDScape®

fourDScape®TM, is a "Common Operating Environment" solution used by various governmental organisations and which has also successfully been used to protect and manage in real time multiple systems in use within large companies.

fourDScape®, in a totally flexible and dynamic way, integrates real time video as well as all type of sensors, access control, GIS data etc. in a single, manageable virtual interface in 4D.

The solution analyses and filters all the available information presenting to the user what is relevant at any given time, thus reducing response time and operating costs dramatically.

fourDScape® also has the ability to integrate GEO-Tracking systems along with all the sensors integrated with the floor plans of buildings to give a total virtual view at any given time. With integrated and aerial and oblique imagery along with GPS information, a visual portal can be created for critical infrastructures or large areas such as entire cities, etc.

The solution is fully designed to operate over secure VPN connections complying with the strictest security measures.