At 2G Robotics we use cutting-edge technology to develop innovative inspection solutions that provide the detailed and precise data required to carryout underwater missions. We were the first company in the world to widely provide underwater laser scanners for offshore and subsea inspection. Our technology has been used for countless industrial, military, and academic applications, with deployments on all 7 continents from the Canadian Arctic to Antarctic Lakes, on the Costa Concordia Salvage Operation, and on numerous offshore jobs.

We take a holistic design approach to product development. By focussing on performance and reliability we design complete inspection solutions that put the customer experience first. This starts with product development and is carried through the integration process, deployment and operation, to data analysis and decision making.
We strive to be flexible – gauging our success by the success of our customers, whether that means consulting them on the best approach to using our products or collaborating with them to develop custom inspection solutions that meet their specific project requirements.

Mine Counter Measure (MCM) Application

The launch of 2G Robotics mine classification payload makes laser scanning and high-speed imaging feasible on small man-portable UUVs. Acquired target locations are used to plan a reacquire classification mission over the detected locations to obtain high-resolution target information and improved localisation, which is wirelessly transferred to the command vessel.

3D laser models are generated by projecting a laser line onto the seabed and capturing ‘laser profiles’ with over 2,000 geolocated data points as the vehicle moves over the target. This laser data is used to gain a three-dimensional understanding of the target, take quantifiable measurements, and enables 3D target recognition algorithms to improve ATR effectiveness. Image data is processed in real-time for optical identification. This payload module has been operationally tested on numerous platforms including the Hydroid REMUS 600 and the Kongsberg HUGIN vehicles

2G offers four flexible solutions for laser scanning, with two solutions for dynamic underwater laser scanning.

Under Water Laser Scanners (ULS)

ULS-500 PRO – Dynamic underwater laser scanner

The ULS-500 PRO can be configured in many ways in order to facilitate industry leading dynamic laser scanning, enabling large assets to be captured from multiple angles in the highest resolution. It can also be used in stationary mode to capture specific assets in high detail.

Dynamic Scanning Solution

  • Real-time 3D point cloud generation with on-the-fly inspection for infinite scan range
  • Ongoing deployments by leading offshore operators to survey the world’s subsea assets.

High-Resolution Results

  • Generates true-scale 3D point clouds with industry-leading resolution
  • High-density point cloud data for identification of small features, defects and accurate measurements
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • Ready for use with AUVs, ROVs, hybrids, surface vehicles and divers
  • 4,000m water depth rating, with maximum scan range of over 15m.


  • High-performance dynamic underwater laser scanner for small vehicles
  • Real-time 3D laser point cloud generation with millimetric accuracy synchronised with seamless stills images
  • High stills camera sensitivity and 450,000 lumen LED output combine with intelligent light levelling and undistortion to enable crisp images on high speed AUVs
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Small form factor and light weight enables use on small vehicles
  • Under 50W power draw for deployment on manportable AUV platforms without significantly impacting mission duration.

Straightforward integration

  • Single interface and PPS time synchronization for simple
  • integration into inspection class ROV skids and man-portable AUV modules
  • Local SSD for onboard storage of data capture to reduce integration complexity.

ULS-100 – Compact underwater laser scanner

  • Generates point clouds of targets such as pipes, tunnels, wells, and other underwater objects
  • Small form factor and short range enables scanning in tight areas
  • Short-range scans (0.13m to 1m range) with 50° laser swath and 360° rotation
  • Real-time and true-scale model generation
  • Simple, configurable deployment and ease-to-use interface for rapid data acquisition
  • No user calibration required.

ULS-200 – Mid-range underwater laser scanner

  • Generates point clouds of targets such as large pipes, tunnels, damaged structures, and other underwater objects
  • Increased range and coverage compared to the ULS-100 with a slight increase in size
  • Simple, configurable deployment and ease-to-use interface for rapid data acquisition
  • No user calibration required
  • Mid-range scans (0.25m to 2.5m range) with 50° laser swath and 360° rotation
  • Real-time and true-scale model generation.


2G OBSERVER – Stills camera

The Observer stills camera provides high resolution, position corrected stills images to enhance point cloud data. Available in Standard and MICRO Configurations.

  • Ultra-high-sensitivity stills camera allows for short exposure times producing crisp 2048 x 2048 images on fast-moving vehicles at up to 5 fps with minimum lighting requirements
  • Real-time image undistortion and light levelling with accurate PPS times tags allows for data overlay, mosaicing, and navigation
  • Controlled through the ULS-500 PRO user interface to provide gapless laser data
  • Actively cooled sCMOS sensor enables long range images and reduces the effects of turbidity
  • High dynamic range and 16 bit depth capture both dark and light targets, enabling post-processing without loss in image quality.

2G NOVA – LED Panel

The NOVA LED Strobe Panel provides ultra-bright, uniform illumination for efficient AUV operations. Available in Standard and MICRO configurations.

  • Perfect synchronisation with camera and near-instantaneous rise and fall time provide crisp stills images at high speeds
  • Brightest LED Strobe on the Market with over 450,000 Lumen output with a maximum 90W of continuous power draw (Standard model)
  • Consistent Power Draw with the ability to select current limited charging rate, eliminating problematic power spikes
  • Even Illumination through custom LED orientation dependant on mounting configuration provides uniform light distribution across the field of view.