Lind Electronics is a proven leader in the design and production of mobile power solutions for all types of users across different industries. Lind’s product lines include standard and custom AC/DC and DC/DC power adaptors, battery chargers, dual USB adaptors, shut-down timers, solar chargers, and stock and custom cables.

The company works directly with users, installers and engineers in the military, public safety, healthcare, and forklift and warehousing industries. Its products are designed to perform repeatedly in all kinds of harsh and demanding applications and environments.

From the concept and design stages through to the delivery of your standard or custom products, Lind Electronics can deliver all your mobile power needs.

Designed with military personnel in mind

Lind Electronics provides standard and custom rugged portable and specialised solutions to all branches of the military. Lind offers AC/DC and DC/DC military-spec (mil-spec) products and battery charger solutions designed to meet various military power and environmental requirements. Custom mobile power and specialised cabling solutions can be engineered and manufactured for specific military applications.

Lind Electronics is a direct-support OEM and a supplier for leading mobile computer manufacturers including Dell, General Dynamics Itronix, Getac, L-3 Communications, Lockheed Martin, Motion Computing, Panasonic, Northrop Grumman and other parties.

The equipment used by military soldiers in the battlefield has greatly evolved over recent years, and Lind Electronics continues to provide mobile power solutions for military personnel. Lind produces adaptors designed to power and charge rugged laptops and other necessary military equipment using various military power supplies, including humvees and military batteries.

The modern military soldier relies on the performance of advanced mobile tactical and communications equipment. Rugged military laptops are one of these critical tools used by today’s mobile soldier. Lind Electronics continues to develop rugged mil-spec power adaptors, solar panel chargers, rugged AC/DC power adaptors and DC/DC power adaptors, which are designed to power and charge military laptops.

When conducting key remote missions, military personnel rely upon rugged laptops that are designed to withstand harsh mobile environments. As a result, they need reliable equipment to power these laptops anywhere in the field. Lind’s military adaptors are an ideal solution for powering and charging military devices in extreme temperature conditions and rugged environments. The company’s mil-spec adaptors are housed in ABS plastic or aluminium extrusions that are designed to withstand extreme elements, such as moisture, sand and/or vibration. These durable adaptor extrusions mean the warfighter is not restricted by having to handle this equipment delicately, allowing them to focus on the current mission instead. And replaceable input and output adaptor cables make replacing missing or damaged cables in the field easy and efficient.

The BB-2590 military battery charger

One of Lind’s leading military product offerings is its BB-2590 battery charger. This battery charger allows military personnel to charge a single BB-2590 military battery, with or without the system-management bus (SMBus), from any 12-32V DC input power source. Other input cable options are available upon request (some include NATO slave or solar panel connections). These additional input cable options enable military personnel to use alternative power sources to charge BB-2590 military batteries anywhere, thereby allowing a greater range of mobility in the field.

The BB-2590 battery charger is compatible with either a BB-2590 military battery or a BB-2590 military battery equipped with an SMBus connection. The charger’s velcro strap secures the connector to the battery to ensure a solid connection with the battery contacts. The green LED on the charger indicates the charging state so that users know when the battery is fully charged and ready for use.

A wealth of mobile power options

Lind Electronics continues to support the evolving mobile power needs of today’s military personnel by continuing to develop and manufacture new power solutions.

Additional product offerings for military personnel include Lind’s 90W rugged AC/DC combo adaptor, which allows military personnel to simultaneously power and charge rugged laptops and other mobile devices using an AC or DC power source; and Lind’s 2590 SMBus battery cables, which are designed to interface with BB-2590 batteries, with or without the SMBus (as well as other models ending in ’90’).

These product offerings are designed to ensure that military mobile devices can be powered and charged anywhere in the field. Lind’s mobile power solutions help keep equipment running and charged for mission success.

In addition to these and other existing and new product offerings, Lind Electronics continues to support the military, public safety, healthcare, and forklift and warehousing industries by developing new adaptor, timer, charger and cable offerings designed to support mobile power needs.