Today’s battlefield is evolving rapidly, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies into new-generation systems such as video surveillance, optronic sensors and telemetry.

These new technologies give rise to the challenge of transmitting very complex signals from stationary to rotating parts. The need for high-definition video (HD-SDI and 3G-SDI) and very high-bit data-rate signals (such as co-express, gigabit ethernet, PCI express or Rocket I/O) represent major design constraints for components that have to meet increasingly demanding requirements.

RUAG has developed a simple technology to meet complex signal transmission needs: the high data-rate transmission Slip Ring (HDRT Slip Ring). This novel technology fully meets market needs, while preserving the traditional reliability associated with RUAG slip rings. New materials, new manufacturing methods, high-precision engineering and a high degree of signal simulation add up to slip ring optimisation by pushing the boundaries of traditional sliding-contact designs.

HDRT Slip Rings will give end-users the capability to transmit complex signals and data through a simple architecture. HDRT Slip Rings enable you to avoid live electronics, such as electric-to-optical conversion or multiplexing boards, without affecting the system’s mean time between failures. The design works with raw signal data (coaxial or differential), without any compression, and with the advantage of having multiple channels available for such demanding performances.

RUAG’s aim is to bring this proven HDRT Slip Ring technology to all potential users at an attractive price and performance ratio. The company provides solutions that are customised to your specific applications.