Onboard incineration of solid and liquid waste generated on a ship has for decades been acknowledged as the most environmentally friendly waste treatment for the merchant shipping fleet and for navy vessels. Local management of sludge oil and solid waste is highly appreciated and recommended by the International Marine Organization (IMO) and other classification societies.

TeamTec’s well-known marine incinerators are used on-board any kind of vessel, and by several navy fleets around the world. Their efficiency, reliability and low operation cost make the compact incinerators a natural first choice for any owner.

TeamTec high-tech marine incinerators are computerised (PLC) to make daily use simple, automated and safe for the user over a long product life, always ensuring compliance with the IMO regulations. All models are run at a high temperature to enable high capacity for burning liquid and solid waste, and in spite of this, have small dimensions. TeamTec’s unique cyclone burning principle ensures as complete a combustion as possible, with clean emissions and extremely small ash quantities.

The incinerators are also perfect for waste treatment at onshore facilities, especially in remote areas. Specialised containerised plug-and-play units, often including mobile facilities, are in use by many armed forces around the world, and quite recently in Afghanistan and Chad. The containerised units are fully equipped with all necessary equipment for efficient and safe operation, including firefighting systems. All the incinerator models can be produced in a containerised unit.

Throughout the past 30 years in business, TeamTec has delivered more that 10,000 units worldwide, making it the leading manufacturer of marine incinerators.