Since 1985, Elcoman has been at the cutting edge of the market with the highly innovative and technologically advanced KOBRA high-security range. The name KOBRA is synonymous with highly efficient shredders, all of which are designed and manufactured in Europe.

KOBRA high-security shredders of classified and top secret documents, optical media and electronic storage devices (such as SIM, SD and SDD) are equipped with heavy-duty chain drive and steel gears, guaranteeing durability and stress resistance.

A special cutting system comprising 1,200 components can shred a single A4 sheet of paper
into approximately 20,000 microchips, which become utterly unreadable even if special electronic devices are used.

For all your optical media destruction needs, the KOBRA 400 HS-OM, with its special 1.5×2.5mm cut, can shred compact/Blu-ray discs, floppy disks, credit cards, films and badges into unreadable pieces with
a capacity of 1,500 optical media items an hour.

While the KOBRA HS-OM is the perfect choice for the destruction of optical media, the KOBRA 400 HS Combi allows the highly secure shredding of paper in addition to optical media.

KOBRA’s extensive high-security range also includes the exclusive KOBRA 260 HS-2 model, which, thanks to its special manual mechanism, can even be operated when a power supply is unavailable, such as in the event of an emergency, terrorist attack or military conflict.

Exclusive to Elcoman, the KOBRA Cyclone disintegrator is the ultimate in high-security shredding technology. The KOBRA Cyclone can shred very high volumes of different types of materials, including paper, compact and Blu-ray discs, floppy disks and credit cards, in line with the highest US National Security Agency-approved security levels.

All KOBRA high-security shredders have been tested and approved, and are used by many international government and military bodies around the world. They also meet Combat Service Support standards and Ministry of Defence requirements across four continents.