Global Fleet Sales (GFS), a subsidiary of the RMA Group, is the authorised distributor for Ford Motor Company products to relief, aid and development programmes worldwide. GFS is a total solutions provider for vehicles, fleet management services and specialised vehicle modifications, which has supplied light tactical, armoured and other modified vehicles for peacekeeping operations throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

A customisable LTV package

When the US Army requested a cost-effective vehicle solution to transform Afghanistan’s previously untrained national force into a group that could defend its country from insurgents, GFS developed a solution based on an off-the-shelf Ford Ranger pick-up truck. This offered many advantages:

  • a highly customisable platform leading to parts compatibility with other vehicles in a fleet, such as Ford Everest, Ranger Field ambulances, mobile maintenance trucks, troop carriers or armoured vehicles
  • widespread parts availability from a partnership between the over-100-years-old Ford Motor Company and its preferred distributor, whose parts inventory can be quickly deployed through a global logistics network
  • well tested and documented service intervals along with widespread parts and service availability, and lower costs over a vehicle’s lifecycle.

The original LTV was offered in army and police packages, both of which included upgraded suspension and tyres, a brake package and communication equipment. Six years and nearly 40,000 vehicles later, the 1t double-cab pick-up LTV is still preferred by forces across the world, precisely because it can be outfitted with a variety of accessories to suit any application and mission needs:

  • GFS’s state-of-the-art fuel filtration system can be tuned to make the LTV capable of operating at a high level even while running on some of the worst fuel on the planet
  • GFS’s upgraded suspension package is meticulously engineered, tested and continuously upgraded so that the LTV can go anywhere and everywhere
  • GFS-developed tailored fleet management solutions keep more vehicles in operation with minimal downtime in the world’s most demanding environments.

Making a difference where it matters

Specialising in post-conflict and development markets globally, GFS provides critical solutions and support systems where they are needed most and where reliability, responsiveness and innovation matter.

GFS can supply and support governments, NGOs and commercial enterprises in many sectors, from airfield services in Cambodia, and military equipment maintenance and technical training in Afghanistan, to police training in Haiti. The company’s success is based on its ability to quickly deploy and execute programmes that meet customers’ contractual expectations and provide innovative and cost-effective solutions while understanding their issues, their pressures and their daily concerns.