Stäubli quick-release fluid connectors provide robust, reliable and efficient connection solutions for defence sector applications, from dry break connectors on demountable air-conditioning units in military vehicles to fuel handling and high-pressure hydraulics.

Stäubli connection technology is specified on electronics equipment where the heat produced by high-capacity processing is outstripping the cooling capability of air and a move to liquid cooling is required to maintain designed operating temperature. Applications include imaging systems, radar arrays and power amplifiers; essentially, wherever high-power electronics need to be cooled.

A major concern is maintaining the integrity of the circuits containing the cooling liquid, especially on connection and disconnection to avoid any damage to the electronics; this is the challenge that Stäubli’s unique range of connectors is designed to satisfy. Flush-faced technology guarantees no fluid loss on connection or disconnection, and eliminates the risk of air or contaminants entering the circuits. Purging of the cooling system to maintain the effectiveness of the cold plates is not necessary.

The connectors that are designed for blind connection will compensate for a degree of misalignment, making removal and replacement of the electronics panels as easy as a traditional air-cooled system. Stäubli connectors are able to withstand vibration and corrosion, and will perform faultlessly for thousands of connection cycles. Standard non-blind mate connectors offer robust bayonet or ball locking systems to ensure circuit integrity is maintained, even in the harshest environments.

Stäubli connectors make the move to liquid cooling of electronics far easier, with product specialists providing advice on the precise connector solution and configuration to meet any application.