Discussions have also taken place between VITEC and leading Defence and Military organisations, and it is apparent that these organisations are interested in working with suppliers that are working to reduce their GHG impact as they develop, manufacture, and deploy products.  “Technology providers have a responsibility to contribute to the rescue of our planet, and I want VITEC to be among the front runners,” says Philippe Wetzel, CEO of VITEC.

VITEC also recognises its real impact will be on how its products are designed for usage in the field, mostly for Defence applications. In the delivery of streaming video, the Size/Weight/Power or SWaP equation is critical to balance the most efficient delivery of video with the least power consumption possible. For this reason, VITEC designs and manufactures products that have a long useful life and can withstand repeated handling, repair, and environmental stress (vibration, shock, temperature and so on), developing high-efficient codecs to reduce the bandwidth, low power consumption and more to reduce the carbon footprint of each product.

More information on VITEC's full line of products is available at www.vitec.com.