“Delivering IP Video within a single entity is easy and reliable,” says Mark Rushton, Business Development Director, VITEC. “But it is often the need to share video on other secured networks where the need to have a break between one IP network and the other is crucial however, such as coalition video feed applications. It is also essential to ensure that there is no latency added and that the solution is cost effective and takes up as little space as possible. This is what our solution provides, and we’re delighted to have deployed over 50 solutions worldwide.”

Designed for 8 simultaneous channels, the hardware occupies 4u of rack space and adds no more than 100ms to the latency of the video, enabling a complete break between networks and ensuring security profiles and integrity are maintained.

The process is seamless and straightforward – it takes an IP feed from one network, converts it back to baseband video, then encodes it again onto a second secured network.

More information on VITEC's full line of products is available at www.vitec.com.