Menatek is making a bold strategic step and taking its torsion bar production capabilities to the next level, drawing on the invaluable expertise that results from longstanding experience. With continuous improvement one of its core values, Menatek has made the necessary investments for the designing and testing of torsion bars in-house. After delivering its first custom design torsion bar in 2018, Menatek now supplies torsion bars to continents around the world for a range of programs.

Menatek Defense Technologies has worked on torsion bars for its customers since 2010, and the company’s hard work has resulted in deep knowledge of the manufacturing process. Being familiar with the various torsion bars which belong to different vehicles and platforms, Menatek’s Research and Development Department began working on the fundamentals of torsion bars in mid-2017.

The engineering team’s huge efforts and dedication allowed Menatek to both design torsion bars for different platforms such as AAVs, APSs, IFVs, MBTs according to vehicle specifications, and manufacture a test bench to test the lifetime of its own-designed torsion bars.

These new capabilities make torsion bar procurement easier. They can be designed specifically for a vehicle or platform, and the lifetime of these tailor-made torsion bars are approved by the manufacturer with a certificate of conformance.

Menatek is currently focusing on expanding its yearly capacity to meet with the potential higher demands of its customers around the world.