RTCA DO-178C / EEUROCAE ED-12C has a well-earned reputation as being the most demanding software development standard in the world requiring systematic engineering process and four formal audits at key project stages from an FAA designated representative.

MBE was the first to start the process for a US Army UAV project, having been awarded the contract to develop a Full Authority Digital Engine Control System.

The company invested 8,500 engineering hours into the process and it has led to a restructuring and a revolutionising of systems and processes. For example, two separate teams now look after the design/development and testing of the systems – these are separate areas of the company.

This provides MBE Systems with a foundation to build their aerospace and defense work, and are now in contact with several major OEMs in the USA and Europe. They are now in a position to design and develop embedded airborne systems quickly.

The accreditation was carried out by ConsuNova, a leading global provider of commercial (FAA /EASA) and defense avionics certification solutions with vast experience in critical embedded software.

Steve Baker of MBE Systems, said: “We have always known that our systems were efficient, effective and safe – and indeed have been improving the performance of aircraft and automotive engines for decades.  However, it was important that we formally demonstrated this and DO-178C compliance is already opening doors.”

Reza Madjidi, FAA DER, CEO of ConsuNova, said: “The electronic, software and control engineers at MBE Systems are a close-knit team and a pleasure to work with. I really enjoyed working with the team and seeing them grow and develop throughout the whole process.

“MBE Systems engineering team were open and welcoming of accepting DO-178C as their software standards via our Avionics Training and Gap Analysis.  MBE’s willingness to go through this deterministic and systematic process with our continuous coaching, mentoring and audit resulted in the successful acceptance of their software design approval by US Army.  We at ConsuNova are proud to be the part of this success.”