Chairman Nazif Destani will lead the Ecolog International delegation when heads of government, business leaders and academia converge at the 55th edition of the Munich Security Conference, which runs from 15-17 February in Bavaria.

The company, which has global business interests in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern and southeastern Europe, has long believed that sustainable peace is a strategic priority. “We have always credited peace and stability with enabling development in the areas of education, health, and business, all of which contribute to building society”, explains chief marketing officer Kaan Savul. “Since our company operates in several regions where peace and security are major concerns, the high-level conversations that take place at the Munich Security Conference are in complete alignment with the vision of many of our non-governmental clients. These NGOs ensure security for civilians in some of the most conflict-ridden places on our planet. As a result, Ecolog International is proud to be one of the main sponsors at the Munich Security Conference."

The company’s international business development head Lumri Bexheti joins Ecolog International Chairman Nazif Destani and will be participating in several key roundtable discussions that take place throughout the two day conference.

Ecolog International is a global service provider in areas such as catering, food supply and environmental services, and maintains corporate offices in the Middle East and Europe, with operations in over 150 locations in 36 countries. The company is an official UK Defence Overseas Contractor and was awarded a certificate of merit in December 2018 for its excellent service to the Ministry operating under its Defence Food Programme.