4GD, London, 5 August – Close combat immersive technology specialists, 4GD, presented concepts for UAS tactical deployment and training in a synthetic environment at the first ever British Army BattleLab event in Dorset.

Organised by Brigantes in collaboration with the Army BattleLab, the event hosted over 100 visitors and a range of innovative defence SMEs who were invited to present, discuss, and demonstrate UAS technologies and new capabilities.

4GD was joined by strategic partner, D3A, to showcase new concepts and techniques for drone mission operation in a synthetic environment.

The presentation explored how to use a 3D virtual world to employ digital drones for training and simulation and allow users to learn, practice and repeat tactical UAS flight ops without damaging physical assets in the process.

4GD Business Development Director, James Crowley, said: “The BattleLab is an exciting new forum for SMEs engage with defence and showcase their innovation and the diversity of their capabilities.  We were delighted to be invited by Brigantes and joined alongside our partners, D3A, to demonstrate the potential that synthetic training has to offer.  We see a future where the development of tactics, techniques and procedures for drone employment – and other combined arms – can be done synthetically, greatly improving access to training.”

The Army BattleLab, part of the government’s investment in defence and the new Defence Innovation Centre, enables the British Army and wider UK Ministry of Defence to directly engage and work with academic institutions, defence primes, SMEs and the wider industry.

As the physical manifestation of ARIEL – the Army Research Innovation & Experimentation Laboratory, the BattleLab also allows end users the opportunity to work with innovative industries in a shared space, allowing ideas to be developed, and technology and equipment to be refined. 

About 4GD

4GD specialise in bringing the most cutting-edge technologies to the defence market, in order to reduce the distance between operational reality and training.  We use technology to drive operator performance by increasing levels of realism, providing scalable complexity and delivering targeted improvements, all whilst making the systems more intuitive for the user.  We already have capability optimising performance in elite units in both the USA & UK. To find out more visit: www.4gd.co.uk

For more information please contact: john.cottrell@cmsstrategic.com