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Munitions: handle with care

The safe handling of ammunition and weaponry across the entire logistics supply chain is a crucial element of UN military operations. Defence & Security Systems International speaks to Hans Øiom of the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation about the special precautions and procedures that must be adhered to when transporting and storing sensitive cargo.

Defence & Security Systems International Awards 2013

Welcome to the inaugural Defence & Security Systems International Awards. In this issue, we announce the winners across various categories that illustrate growing defence management trends, innovations and priorities. Step forward, worthy winners.

Future Soldier: packing a punch

An ambitious equipment and acquisition model, Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) has taken a holistic view of infantry equipment rather than procuring a series of isolated components. It is now delivering the considerable benefits of this integrated approach to the soldier, as Lieutenant Colonel Rob O’Connor of the dismounted close combat integrated project team at Defence Equipment and Support, MoD Abbey Wood in Bristol, UK explains to James Lawson.

IEDs: beyond the technology

Improvised explosive devices emerged as one of the biggest threats to personnel in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they are the weapons of choice for terrorists and militants in any country. Training bomb disposal operatives to deal with such threats is partly about understanding the technology that goes into making them, but as counter-IED expert Robert Shaw explains, it is more important to focus on contextual issues.

Women in defence: the battle of the sexes

While defence is not renowned for its female-friendly credentials, the sector is undergoing a significant demographic shift. Karen Conti, director of business development at Raytheon and president of Women in Defense, tells Abi Millar how times are changing for women in the sector and details the challenges that remain.

Cyberwarfare: virtual reality bites

Once limited to the arsenals of rogue computer hackers, cyberattacks are fast becoming a weapon of choice for international state-sanctioned combatants. As governments scramble to protect themselves, Jan Kallberg of Arkansas Tech University speaks to Jack Wittels about the online evolution’s impact on national defence strategies.

On the waterfront: naval capabilities

Maritime domain awareness is about authorities collaborating to create a detailed picture of events. Edward Lundquist, retired US Navy captain and principal science writer for MCR Federal in Arlington, Virginia, casts a net over the latest technical developments in port and coastal surveillance.

Air systems: pre-flight checks

NATO is on the brink of fielding an integrated air command and control system in four member countries. The system will soon be rolled out to at least another ten nations but its complexity means significant challenges have to be overcome. Grant Turnbull investigates.

Uncompromised communication

Sat-Com’s Leopard I is a compact and rugged yet lightweight software-defined multiband radio that offers uncompromised communication for tactical missions. By providing seamless operation across the HF, VHF and UHF bands, together with its integrated antenna tuner, GPS receiver, speaker and microphone, radio operation doesn’t get more flexible.