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IMRF enhances cooperation in rescue efforts

As operations in the Mediterranean have shown us, search and rescue at sea is the responsibility of no single nation. David Jardine-Smith, secretary at the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF), explains the federation’s role in enhancing cooperation and interoperability between partners involved in rescue efforts.

NATO’s fight against cyber terrorists

The increasing prominence of cyberattacks and espionage has thrown a spotlight on NATO’s ability to define and guarantee mutual defence. Greg Noone talks to the general manager of the NATO Communications and Information Agency Major General Koen Gisjbers (Ret) about how his organisation is protecting the alliance’s intelligence systems in this era of cyberwarfare.

MoD’s first prototype of new armoured vehicles is unveiled

The Ministry of Defence’s Scout SV programme has reached its latest milestone, unveiling its first prototype vehicle in September and renaming the fleet AJAX. These armoured vehicles, dubbed the ‘eyes and ears’ of tomorrow’s battlefields, will replace the CVR(T) vehicles that have been in use since the 1970s and dramatically improve ISTAR capabilities. Defence & Security Systems International asks the MoD how the programme is progressing.

European nations should pool resources for ISR

Like most aspects of modern military intervention, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance cannot be undertaken alone; working in concert with your allies has proven an effective means of lowering costs while maintaining capabilities. Defence & Security Systems International speaks to Alessandro Vivoli, project officer of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance at the European Defence Agency, to find out how European partners can pool their resources in this field.

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The end of Japan’s pacifism with new bill

With Japan set to abandon its constitutional commitment to pacifism by allowing its military to engage in overseas operations for the first time in 70 years, growing regional power politics and territorial disputes are on everybody’s minds. Oliver Hotham speaks to former British Ambassador to Japan, associate fellow at Chatham House’s Asia programme and chairman of the Japan Society, Sir David Warren, about what this means for defence and security in east Asia.

Simulation of war: synthetic backgrounds to train military personnel

Creating synthetic battlegrounds and war-like scenarios is the emerging focus when training military personnel. It is safer, cheaper and allows multiple groups from different forces to interact in wide-ranging circumstances. Defence & Security Systems International talks to Michael Mifsud, principal engineer in training and simulation for the UK’s Ministry of Defence.