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Chain of command

It goes without saying that tracking the movement of materiel throughout the US military forces’ worldwide logistics chain is an immense challenge. Michael Shaw talks to Linus Baker, director of cybersecurity at the Defense Logistics Agency, and Kathy Cutler, its director of information operations, about how they plan to harness the power of the internet of things to track, trace and monitor the flow of vital equipment around the world.

Lines in the sand

As the Middle East continues to make the headlines, it is clear the situation in the region is the most challenging it has been for some time. Defence & Security Systems International looks at the current climate, as well as the upcoming IDEX and NAVDEX events.

A conflict of interest

Experts believe that the majority of the security threats confronting modern militaries over the next few decades will involve urban conflicts, facing enemies equipped with near-peer capable Chinese and Russian armaments. Neil Thompson talks with Dr William Suttie of Britain’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory about the implications this has for the latest developments in the field of land systems.

A stab in the dark

Being able to see in the dark can prove decisive on the battlefield. Here, Defence & Security Systems International takes a look at current and coming technology in the field, and what this ultimately means for the industry.

Rough and tumble

Rugged technology isn’t new, but what it offers those in the field changes almost daily. However, as Andrew Tunnicliffe finds out, selecting the right device is not as simple as it seems.

Shielded from harm

With the cyber-domain playing host to increased hostilities, being ready for large and small-scale attacks has rarely been more crucial. Andrew Tunnicliffe speaks with CCDCOE’s Kadri Kütt about how NATO’s Locked Shield exercise is ensuring IT infrastructure is always ready.

Radar to sensor

From today’s behavioural identification algorithms to near-future possibilities, such as mosquito designs able to extract DNA, sensor and radar technology is combining with other emerging developments like AI to revolutionise unmanned vehicles’ battlespace potential. Neil Thompson speaks with RAF Wing Commander Keith Dear about the rapid evolution in drone abilities and what this means for Western militaries.

Keep your feet on the ground

Simulation is finding a home in military training – whether it be in the air, sea or on the ground. However, as Andrew Tunnicliffe finds out, despite offering new possibilities, it also brings with it some new challenges. Here, he speaks to Lieutenant General Thomas L Baptiste.

Evolution on the high seas

Technology is having an impact on everything in the world today, and that includes military operations beneath the sea. How can navies better adopt the latest technologies in a way that doesn’t leave them vulnerable? Defence & Security Systems International speaks with Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke, chief of the German Navy’s Planning Division, about the future of today’s naval forces.

Will it be better by design?

Open architecture is something we hear a lot about within the technology sphere, but what impact is it having on our military and how close are we to the so-called holy grail? Andrew Tunnicliffe looks at the UK for answers.