New Digitised Network Tank

The contract in place will ensure the UK Army has a revolutionary ‘Main Battle Tank’ which is designed to be deployed against near peer adversaries and implement next generation digital applications. The tank will include a host of latest generation equipment including; 120mm smoothbore gun, designed by Rheinmetall, in similar use by the United States M1 Abrams Tank, and Leopard 2 Tank by Rheinmetall.

The tank is also set to receive enhanced digital sights for day and night targeting ability, new modular armour (designed in house through DSTL), Active Protection System, Turret to be fitted to tanks of allies and global partners.

Modular EPSOM and FARNHAM Armour

Sources close to the program mention that the tank will have unparalleled survivability thanks to a newly designed ‘EPSOM’ and ‘FARNHAM’ armour, which will be layered with a brand new Active Protection System. The hull and suspension is also being upgraded to include 3rd generation hydrogas.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Chris Tickell CBE said: “The Integrated Review described a transformed Army that will be more lethal, better protected and better connected than any of its comparators. Challenger 3 is a manifestation of exactly that change and will sit at the heart of our warfighting capability. Its digital open architecture will ensure that it is integrated across the battlefield, its main armament will overmatch its adversaries and the crew will be afforded a unique level of protection. It is a battle winner.