Towards the end of the year 2021, Diehl Defence set a benchmark with its ground-based air defence system IRIS-T SLM. The latter system demonstrated its operational efficiency under realistic operating conditions during several successful test firings and thus satisfied the expectations with regard to modern air defence systems to full extent. The firings served as evidence for the technical and operational capability of the overall system in line with consumer and market expectations.

IRIS-T SLM complements the IRIS-T SLS air defence system of shorter range in the Diehl Defence product portfolio and it has been successfully in operation for several years among Scandinavian customers. In addition to the capabilities of the Diehl Defence air defence system that is already in service, the IRIS-T SLM system additionally disposes of a higher range. The latest test firing proved, in particular, the higher range, the hit accuracy as well as the interaction of all system components and the ground infrastructure.

In its capacity as prime contractor, Diehl Defence offers a complete air defence system with IRIS-T SLM from a single source that is consisting of the system components fire-control radar, radar and missile launcher as well as a completely integrated logistics and support concept (ILSC).