Could you provide some background to RUAG and your business operations?
Ronald Cosman: At RUAG Ammotec, we produce the most sophisticated ammunition technology. Our professionals develop and manufacture high-performance, small-calibre standard and special ammunition for hunting and sports, and defence and law enforcement, as well as pyrotechnical elements and components for industry in general. We are active in more than 50 countries worldwide in the defence and law enforcement sector, where the Swiss export authorities allow us to export our products. We serve all different customers within armed forces such as army, navy, air force, special forces and presidential guards, as well as police forces and their special forces.

What products and areas do you currently cover in the defence and security sector?
We provide the perfect equipment, mainly in the form of environmentally friendly ammunition for missions and manoeuvres using the standard NATO calibres. Our product range comprises different ball, tracer and blank small arms ammunition for combat, training and simulation. In addition to the standard ammunition, we offer special ammunition in all possible calibres up to 12.7mm. Plus, we offer hand grenades and training systems for large calibres (artillery and mortar training systems).

What role do you see these products playing in the military setting?
RUAG Ammotec is able to supply a wide range of products for all kind of missions in harsh environments and all weather conditions. In our words: focus on your mission, rely on our ammunition. To ensure qualitative, reliable products, we invest in innovative testing and simulation methods that require deep know-how and savoir faire. Equipped with modern, high-tech equipment, Ammotec quality control engineers carefully scrutinise the key specifications of each round, including the tolerances of components and the consistency of metallurgical properties. This prevents defects that will impact the accuracy.

What services do you offer your customers to sustain long-lasting relationships?
Our strength is to be close to the end-user and we have fast reaction teams within our organisation to satisfy special requests from our customers. For them, it’s possible to have ‘one-stop shopping’ thanks to the wide product range, while our motto ‘together ahead’ means working with our customers to ensure mutual success.

Our customers’ satisfaction is the result of a precision job, high quality standards and, last but not least, a personal, honest relationship. More than 1,800 dedicated employees and 180 sales partners see to it that we are ready on the spot to satisfy the individual requirements of our customers.

Do you have any future plans or ambitions that you want to share with us?
RUAG is committed to further extending its market position, and the basis for this is an outstanding reputation. Clear values and principles determine our daily thoughts and actions.

Collaboration, high performance and visionary thinking; these are the values that represent RUAG. Striving for the highest quality, uncompromising customer and service orientation, and continuous further development; these are the tenets of our working relationships with all stakeholders, as are a sense of responsibility, open communication, fairness, transparency, and respect for people and for the environment.

In future, the company aims to expand its international position in defence and law enforcement to enable us to access markets worldwide. The key to that expansion is best price/performance, long-lasting partnerships with our customers and high-level service.