MilsOne, mils electronic’s brand new unified communication tool, will revolutionise your secured communication. MilsOne is a milestone in top-secret governmental communication and collaboration. Thanks to its flexibility coupled with complete protection, it is an unprecedented tool for public institutions. You can use numerous communication modes in one application while never leaving a secured environment.

MilsOne makes protected communication easier and more efficient, increasing productivity and success. Its comprehensive design reduces delays in workflows, relieving budgets by minimising travel costs.

Furthermore, MilsOne meets the specific requirements of your organisation. Its development is based on mils electronic’s 60-year experience in top-secret governmental communication with the highest levels of information security always having been the company’s core competence.

MilsOne, as a secure unified communication and collaboration solution for PCs, allows the flexible use of messaging, chat, file transfer and conversation. It also enables you to restrict its use to a centrally managed group of your staff with clearly defined authorisations and privileges.

What’s more, MilsOne can be used on a global scale, allowing you to communicate with the highest security from and to every point of the planet.

In order for you to have total control, MilsOne offers sophisticated security monitoring, detailed traffic analysis and a real-time warning and alerting system.

MilsOne is the most secure communication system ever built, considering all possible threats and providing the most effective security measures for your entire network. It guarantees the best possible protection for sensitive data by combining hardware security tokens, government-grade cryptographic algorithms and the One Time Pad encryption method.

It’s all in the name: MilsOne is one platform for all your communication requirements. With unbreakable encryption, it is the unified communication tool for your top-secret communication.