3M, a world-leading manufacturer of safety and protective equipment, is proud to have the Peltor brand range as part of its product offering.

Peltor communication equipment, hearing protection, and head and face protection products for noisy and hazardous environments are internationally renowned.

It is 3M’s goal to ensure that it satisfies its customers’ needs through the provision of exceptional leadership, expertise, quality and service. With its global technology, manufacturing and knowledge network, it does more than simply develop products that help a workforce to operate in safety and comfort. The advanced engineering and technology inherent in the Peltor brand fit well with 3M’s high-quality, innovative and continuously evolving product range.

Noise reduction – increased situational awareness

Military personnel worldwide need to be able to communicate clearly with their colleagues – both via radio and face to face – while also being protected from the increasing risk of noise-induced hearing loss. In response to these demands, 3M has launched the Peltor ComTac XP electronic ear defenders and headsets.

"With a slim cup designed to be worn beneath ballistic helmets if required, the ComTac XP provides noise reduction of 28dB."

A significant number of service personnel are finding their careers and postings affected by hearing loss, which even at minor levels is exacerbated in noisy surroundings. This causes issues with communication and consequently restricts the environments into which affected personnel can be posted.

With small arms fire potentially hitting volumes in excess of 160dB, dismounted troops are particularly at risk as they no longer have the levels of noise protection provided by armoured fighting vehicles. At the same time, due to their key role, they desperately require good situational awareness and are therefore unable to wear the earmuffs and earplugs worn in training and by heavy artillery personnel.

Dual protection from mortars and artillery

It is hoped that these soldiers will benefit the most from ComTac XP. With a slim cup designed to be worn beneath ballistic helmets if required, the ComTac XP provides noise reduction of 28dB, as well as a level-dependent or talk-through facility.

At its most basic, ambient sound is perfectly audible, while shots are attenuated. This level of attenuation increases to 39dB when worn with an ear plug, but due to the ComTac XP’s innovative ‘plug mode’, the ambient noise is unaffected and users maintain their situational awareness. This dual protection is necessary in order to protect from high-risk noise such as mortars, artillery and anti-tank weapons.