Nordic Traction - Traction aids to guarantee mobility in the harshest conditions

Traction aids to guarantee mobility in the harshest conditions

Nordic Traction is a leading manufacturer of traction aid chains of highest quality for armoured military vehicles. The company’s expertise is based on Arctic ‘snow-how’, a long tradition of manufacturing snow chains to keep military vehicles moving in the most demanding winter conditions of the Nordic countries.

Proven and reliable chain products for defence applications

Speed and mobility are of utmost importance for defence applications, and the selection of snow chains Nordic Traction offers, aims to keep wheeled vehicles moving and troops safe and operational. Suitable applications range from ultra-light tactical vehicles to armoured personnel carriers, heavy-duty tactical trucks, and heavy tactical vehicles.

Nordic Traction’s customers include the Finnish Defence Forces, Swedish Armed Forces, Norwegian Armed Forces, as well as the DLA / USMC. Nordic Traction also delivers non-skid snow and traction chains for agriculture, construction, snow cleaning, forestry and transportation applications.

The chain for ultra-light tactical vehicles

The Grip 5 chain was specially designed together with the Finnish Armed Forces for ultra-light tactical vehicles and joint light tactical vehicles operating in muddy, icy and snowy conditions.

This unique wear chain pattern greatly improves traction and manoeuvrability, allowing vehicles to operate with much faster driving speeds in challenging on-road and off-road conditions.

The lightweight Grip 5 chain is quick and easy to mount on the tyre and all the needed joining components are attached on chain. No additional tools are needed when installing the chain.

Grip 5’s unique diamond pattern provides simultaneously superior traction to the driving wheel and greatly improves vehicle steering with lateral grip compared to the old ladder-type chains commonly used.

The continuous diamond pattern on the tyre thread ensures that there is always chain links providing tractions between tyre thread and terrain. Continuous chain line on tyre surface also makes the chain act more stable on tyre allowing greater driving speed and lateral grip for steering and slopes.

The chain for heavy tactical vehicles and APCs

The RS Army 9 is traction chain has been designed for the Finnish Armed Forces for different heavy tactical vehicles, APCs, as well as midsize and heavy-duty off-road trucks to be used in muddy, icy and snowy conditions.

This chain model has proven its performance in varying Arctic conditions and virgin deep snow, with applications ranging from JLTV and APC up to HEMTT vehicles in artillery and logistic use.

A diamond patterned 9mm wear chain with 10mm standing spikes provides optimal grip from on-road driving to cross-county virgin snow. The diamond pattern on the tyre thread ensures that there are always chain links providing traction between tyre thread and terrain. Continues chain line on tyre surface also makes the chain act more stable on tyre, allowing greater driving speed and lateral grip for steering and slopes.

The chain for midsize and heavy vehicles

The Tapio-NK 9 model is the non-studded traction chain option for midsize or heavy vehicles and midsize loaders operating mainly in icy and snowy tarmac or gravel terrains. Hexagonal chain pattern made from non-studded 9mm D-profile links provide effective grip to heavy vehicles operating in snowy and icy condition.

The weight of the vehicle helps the angular outer edge of the chain link to dig into hard ice. Low profile chain links combined with continuous chain line on tyre thread provides smooth driving characteristics.

Long history of chain manufacturing in Finland

Nordic Traction has produced chain products for professional use since 1903. The manufacturing facility based in Southern Finland has capacity to produce tens of thousands of pairs of chains annually. Nordic Traction has extensive experience of producing durable chain with excellent traction for practically any wheeled vehicle. With their dedicated engineering and design department, it is possible to tailor the chains for new applications and tyre sizes.

Nordic Traction’s chain products are manufactured from start to finish in Finland using special boron steel as the raw material. All chains have been case-hardened in a special process, which makes the chain extremely durable with high surface hardness and provides the chain with excellent fatigue strength and a resilient core. Their impeccable expertise, polished manufacturing methods, and ISO 9001 certified quality management system ensure that the chains endure even the harshest conditions.

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